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One Week - Lifetime of Change


How to help

There are many ways to help Camp RESET. We are always looking for volunteers. You can find out what positions are open on our volunteer page. We also need sponsor and donations so that Camp RESET can fully meet the needs of our community,

Sponsor a Camper

When you sponsor a child for camp, you’ll help a child overcome the trauma they have experienced so they can live as victors and not victims— when we reach this generation, we help to overcome destructive generational lifestyles for good. You’ll show God’s love and meet practical needs by helping each camper to find their identity in Christ and by providing new school wardrobes and school supplies.


Three Ways to Sponsor...

Pay a camper's cost

It will cost each camper $450 for a week at camp. This includes 4 nights and 11 meals plus all activities. Consider donating all or part of a camper's cost.

Donate for school clothes

We are giving each camper 5 shirts, 5 pairs of pants, socks, underwear and a pair of shoes. Consider donating to the school clothes fund, or contact us via our website if you would rather receive a size need and do the shopping yourself.

Donate to camp

We have many financial needs to help run this camp. There are production costs, the cost of activities, promotional costs and more. Consider donating directly to Camp RESET so that we can use the funds where they are needed the most


Angel Tree Camp

We partner with Camp RESET by providing scholarships so that your child(ren) can attend a camp at little to no cost. To be eligible for the scholarship, your child(ren) must be between the ages of 5-18 and have a parent or stepparent who is incarcerated

To learn if your child(ren) qualify for Angel Tree follow the link below for more information.


We need Cabin Counselors and Helpers for both Camp RESET @ Longview and Camp RESET @ ACC. We also need Mentors for Camp RESET @ Longview.

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