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All staff are volunteers

Camp RESET is a branch of Healing Wings Ministry


Every day when you sit down to eat with your family…

a child packs a small bag of their belongs and is removed from their home.


Last year alone there were 1,044 kids served in foster care in Greene County, Tn. 381 of these kids entered care for the first time during the year. That is more than one child a day entering the foster care system. This does not include the children who were sent to live with relatives.


232 of the 381 new foster care cases were due to the parent’s use of drugs and alcohol. 184 kids were neglected and 85 reported either sexual or physical abuse. The statistics of trauma in the children of Greene County, Tn would be even more staggering if all non-reported cases were brought to light.


Healing Wings Ministry believes when we reach this generation with the gospel, we help to overcome destructive generational lifestyles for good. We show campers their true identity in Christ, and we teach them how to be victors and not victims.


What is Camp Like?


We start the week with an exciting opening ceremony. That first evening we will begin with one of our three over the top events.

Each day during the week the campers will be able to experience adventures like the mountain waterslide, tubing, archery, paintball, horseback riding and more. We go further than just a week of fun. They will also experience life changing encounters with God through worship, Bible studies and special experiences.


The whole week they will be lavished with love, support and understanding. Our goal is for every camper to leave knowing they are loved, and that they have a purpose. We also want to equip the campers and their families with resources for after camp is over.



The last day of camp is reserved for the whole family, whether it be a foster family, grandparents, adoptive parents, or biological parents. We want the whole family to have a life changing experience and support for when they leave.

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