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Camp RESET 2023 @ Longview Ranch


Day 1

We started off with each cabin creating a name and a flag to represent their group. We then met for an Orientation Rally and then off for an awesome match of "Hungry Games"! 


Day 2

Each day the campers were taught a valuable life lesson. Each lesson was taught in the morning talk, in their cabin nurture group and the evening fireside chat. Day 2 the campers learned how the Lord will take our brokenness and make something beautiful. The campers then took clay and broken pieces of shells to make something beautiful,


Day 3

We focused on the camper's identity in Christ. They learned about their unchangeable value and worth as a child of God. The campers were then dressed up, given new clothing and shoes, served a steak dinner and given a barn dance.


Day 4

Day 4 was focused on our salvation in Christ and living fully through Him. The camper's finished up the week of adventure with horseback riding, horse care or paintball. The evenings message brought all 48 campers to the alter.


Day 5

After a week of horseback riding, paintball, waterslide, swimming, fishing, archery, low ropes course, crafts and more it was time to head home. The campers and their families were invited to an evening event full of music, art and a surprise visit by the amazing Sean BE!

Camp RESET 2024

​More details will be coming soon. We will be posting dates and locations by fall. Registration will open up the beginning of 2024. 

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