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Journey to a new identity. 

What is Camp RESET?

Too many children have suffered major life difficulties at a young age. They deserve to know that they are victors and not victims. They need to know who they are in Christ and they need to know they are LOVED! We will be bringing a life changing event this summer for hurting children, teens and their families. Our dedicated team will make sure this is one week that will change a whole life. 

What Camp RESET is not...

We are not therapy. We will not be digging roots up, or dealing with past hurts and traumas. We will  not be focusing on what has gone wrong in life. Instead, we are focusing on the one who gets us through this life. There is no trauma based curriculum or long talks about pain. There will be long talks on the one who heals, the one who loves, and the one through whom we find victory. This is not a week about what was but about who IS...It is a week to step away, to have fun, and to see the love of Jesus Christ.

With that said, all of our staff will have training on how to intervene and aid someone who may need a little extra care.

Camp RESET 2024

Where hope comes alive! 

Life changing experiences.

Challenging Truths.

Tons and Tons of Fun!

Longview Ranch

Registration Closed

Camp ACC

May 28th - June 1st, 2024

Registration Closes July 15th

July 29th - August 2nd, 2024

Register for one or both

Camp RESET 2024

Longview Ranch: 

K-1st grade - May 28th - May 29th

2nd - 4th grade - May 28th - May 30th

5th - 8th grade - May 28th - May 31st

9th - 12th grade - May 28th - June 1st


K-1st grade - July 29th - July 30th

2nd - 4th grade - July 29th - July 31th

5th - 8th grade - July 29th - August 1st

9th - 12th grade - July 29th - August 2nd

Camp RESET Longview Ranch

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